The Ultimate Solution for Mounting Your Gaming Consoles: HIDEit Mounts Review

Are you tired of dealing with cluttered entertainment centers or curious kids who can't resist pushing buttons on your gaming consoles? Look no further! In this article, we'll explore the ultimate solution for mounting your gaming consoles: HIDEit Mounts. These sleek and functional wall mounts not only keep your consoles accessible but also add a touch of aesthetic appeal to your gaming setup. Join us as we dive into a comprehensive review of HIDEit Mounts and discover why they are the game-changer you've been looking for.

Sleek and Functional Design

Discover the sleek and functional design of HIDEit Mounts

HIDEit Mounts offer a sleek and minimalistic design that seamlessly blends with your gaming setup. The mounts are specifically designed for various gaming consoles, ensuring a perfect fit and secure placement.

With their open design, these mounts allow for optimal airflow, preventing overheating and ensuring the longevity of your consoles. The solid metal construction provides durability and stability, keeping your consoles safe and secure.

Whether you want to showcase your consoles or keep them hidden behind your TV, HIDEit Mounts offer a versatile solution that adds a touch of elegance to your gaming space.

Easy Installation

Learn about the hassle-free installation process of HIDEit Mounts

Installing HIDEit Mounts is a breeze. Simply choose the desired location, ensure it's level, and mark the holes. Then, drill pilot holes and insert the provided anchors if needed. Finally, secure the mount in place using the supplied screws.

Although the process may require a drill, the step-by-step instructions and included hardware make it accessible for anyone, even those with limited DIY experience. Within minutes, you can have your gaming consoles securely mounted on the wall, out of reach from curious children.

Whether you prefer to mount your consoles on the wall or your desk, HIDEit Mounts offer the flexibility to adapt to your needs.

Affordable and Versatile

Discover the affordability and versatility of HIDEit Mounts

HIDEit Mounts provide excellent value for money. With prices starting at just $30 for the Series X mount and $23 for the Series S mount, these mounts are an affordable solution for organizing your gaming space.

Furthermore, HIDEit Mounts offer various bundle options, allowing you to customize your setup. Whether you need additional controller mounts or a headset mount, HIDEit has you covered.

Additionally, the mounts are available in different colors, such as black and white, allowing you to match or contrast them with your consoles for a personalized touch.

Secure and Sturdy

Learn about the secure and sturdy design of HIDEit Mounts

When it comes to mounting your valuable gaming consoles, security is paramount. HIDEit Mounts offer a secure and sturdy solution that keeps your consoles in place.

The mounts are designed to hold your consoles firmly, preventing any accidental slips or falls. The solid metal construction ensures durability and stability, giving you peace of mind knowing that your consoles are safe and protected.

With HIDEit Mounts, you can confidently display your gaming consoles or keep them hidden while ensuring their safety.


HIDEit Mounts provide the ultimate solution for mounting your gaming consoles. With their sleek and functional design, easy installation process, affordability, and versatility, these mounts offer a game-changing solution for organizing your gaming space.

Not only do HIDEit Mounts keep your consoles accessible and out of reach from curious children, but they also add a touch of elegance to your gaming setup. The secure and sturdy construction ensures the safety of your valuable consoles, giving you peace of mind.

Say goodbye to cluttered entertainment centers and hello to a clean and organized gaming space with HIDEit Mounts. Upgrade your gaming experience today!

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