November 2023 PlayStation Plus Essential Games Revealed

November 2023’s PlayStation Plus Essential games have been revealed ahead of the official announcement. According to a reliable source, the two headline additions for next month's subscription service have been leaked. Find out which games subscribers can look forward to and get ready for an exciting month of gaming.

Leaked PlayStation Plus Games for November 2023

Discover the two headline additions for November's PlayStation Plus Essential games.

November 2023’s PlayStation Plus Essential games have been leaked ahead of the official announcement. According to a reliable source, subscribers can look forward to two exciting titles next month. While the official confirmation is yet to come, this leak has already sparked anticipation among gamers.

As a PlayStation Plus subscriber, you won't want to miss out on these highly anticipated games. Get ready to dive into the immersive worlds of these upcoming titles and experience the thrill of next-gen gaming.

Mafia II Definitive Edition: A Crime Saga Reimagined

Explore the revamped version of Mafia II in the Definitive Edition.

One of the leaked PlayStation Plus games for November 2023 is Mafia II Definitive Edition. This iconic crime saga has been reimagined with enhanced graphics and improved gameplay mechanics.

Step into the shoes of Vito Scaletta, a war veteran turned mobster, as you navigate the dangerous world of organized crime. Immerse yourself in a gripping narrative filled with betrayal, loyalty, and redemption.

With the Definitive Edition, you can expect stunning visuals, enhanced character models, and a re-recorded orchestral score. Experience the classic game like never before and uncover the secrets of Empire Bay.

Dragon Ball: The Breakers - Unleash Your Inner Saiyan

Prepare for intense battles and epic transformations in Dragon Ball: The Breakers.

Another exciting addition to the November PlayStation Plus lineup is Dragon Ball: The Breakers. Get ready to unleash your inner Saiyan and embark on a thrilling journey through the Dragon Ball universe.

In this action-packed fighting game, you'll have the opportunity to take control of iconic Dragon Ball characters and engage in epic battles. Master powerful moves, execute devastating combos, and witness jaw-dropping transformations.

Whether you're a fan of the anime or a newcomer to the series, Dragon Ball: The Breakers offers an immersive experience that will keep you hooked for hours. Prepare to unleash your power and prove yourself as the ultimate fighter.

Aliens Fireteam Elite: Fight for Survival

Gear up and join the fight against hordes of deadly aliens in Aliens Fireteam Elite.

The third game leaked for November's PlayStation Plus Essential games is Aliens Fireteam Elite. Brace yourself for an intense cooperative shooter set in the iconic Alien universe.

As a Colonial Marine, you'll face off against waves of Xenomorphs in adrenaline-pumping firefights. Team up with friends or AI-controlled teammates to survive the relentless onslaught and complete challenging missions.

With a wide range of weapons, customizable loadouts, and unique character classes, Aliens Fireteam Elite offers endless replayability and strategic gameplay. Gear up, lock and load, and prepare to face the ultimate extraterrestrial threat.


In November 2023, PlayStation Plus subscribers are in for a treat with the leaked lineup of Essential games. The leaked titles include Mafia II Definitive Edition, Dragon Ball: The Breakers, and Aliens Fireteam Elite. These games offer a diverse range of genres, from crime sagas to intense battles against deadly aliens.

With enhanced graphics, immersive storytelling, and thrilling gameplay, these titles are sure to captivate gamers of all preferences. Whether you're a fan of open-world adventures, fighting games, or cooperative shooters, there's something for everyone in November's PlayStation Plus lineup.

Stay tuned for the official announcement and mark your calendars to ensure you don't miss out on these exciting additions to the PlayStation Plus library. Get ready to embark on new adventures, test your skills, and immerse yourself in the captivating worlds of these upcoming games.

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