Alan Wake 2 Update 08: Over 200 Improvements and Bug Fixes

Remedy Entertainment has released a brand-new patch for Alan Wake 2, bringing over 200 individual improvements to the game. From UI enhancements to character fixes, this update aims to address various bugs and enhance the overall gameplay experience. Let's dive into the details of the update and see how it improves the world of Alan Wake 2.

Bug Fixes and UI Enhancements

Discover the various bug fixes and UI enhancements in the Alan Wake 2 update.

The update brings numerous bug fixes to address issues affecting UI, exploration, and technical aspects of the game. Players can expect improved subtitle timings, localized audio for cinematics, and graphical fixes in the environments.

Additionally, the update includes UI-related fixes and gameplay improvements, such as better auto-aim and fixed animation issues. These enhancements aim to provide a smoother and more enjoyable gaming experience.

Character Fixes and Gameplay Improvements

Explore the character fixes and gameplay improvements introduced in the Alan Wake 2 update.

The update addresses character-related issues, ensuring that playable characters Saga Anderson and Alan Wake no longer get stuck in certain environments. It also resolves rare animation issues and fixes various map-related problems.

Furthermore, the update includes gameplay improvements and minor finetuning to enhance the overall gameplay experience. Players can expect improved exploration rewards and fixed dialogue choices that previously blocked progress.

Mission-Specific Fixes

Learn about the mission-specific fixes in the Alan Wake 2 update.

The update addresses specific issues in various missions, ensuring a smoother gameplay experience. For example, in the 'Room 665' mission, the Oceanview Hotel Lobby Echo alignment issue has been resolved, eliminating disruptions during the sequence.

Other missions, such as 'INVITATION,' 'CASEY,' 'ZANE'S FILM,' 'SCRATCH,' 'WE SING,' 'MASKS,' 'DEERFEST,' and 'COME HOME,' have also received bug fixes to prevent character or environment-related issues that could block progress.

PC-Specific Fixes

Discover the PC-specific fixes introduced in the Alan Wake 2 update.

The update addresses several PC-specific issues, improving the overall gaming experience for PC players. It fixes a bug that could cause graphics settings to reset when launching the game and improves PC window handling logic.

Additionally, the update resolves the issue of the mouse cursor sometimes not appearing in menus, providing a smoother navigation experience for PC players.


The Alan Wake 2 update 08 brings over 200 improvements and bug fixes to enhance the gameplay experience. With fixes for UI, character-related issues, and mission-specific bugs, players can enjoy a smoother and more immersive journey through the game.

PC players also benefit from specific fixes that improve graphics settings and mouse cursor visibility. Overall, this update demonstrates Remedy Entertainment's commitment to delivering a high-quality gaming experience for Alan Wake 2 players.

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